Review Policy

Our Review Policy

My intent is to express my honest and personal opinions about how I feel about books that I have chosen to read or been asked to review. 

There is no guarantee that I will enjoy every book that I choose to read.  It is not my intent to offend, or deter anyone from reading a certain book.  I will review every book honestly, and explain what I did not enjoy to allow others to draw their own conclusions as to whether the book will be for them.

1. Author Review Requests

If you wish to provide me with a copy of your book for the purposes of review, please click on Contact Us. Because of time restraints, I am unfortunately limited to the amount of reviews I can commit to a month. Availability to take on review requests will be posted on that page.
If there is a review time restriction (i.e. you would prefer I post a review after publication, or only 30 days prior to publication) please specify that in your request.

2. Our Preferred Formats

E copies are more than welcome. Kindle compatible is best.

3. What I enjoy reading!

My favourite genres are Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller, various YA genres, Horror and Paranormal anything. Very selective with Science Fiction, and I definitely do not read political thrillers. I am pretty versatile though and open about what to read and love discovering new authors and new stories.

Feel free to browse my reviews on the blog and become familiar with my style and preferences, and/or you can check out my Goodreads 'Read' Shelf.
4. Review Posting

Reviews will be posted on this blog, Goodreads and  If you would like us to cross post on a specific site, please send us a note and indicate it on your email.

5. Where I get my books.

I buy books.

I borrow from the library a lot.

Sometimes, friends and family love me enough to give me a book or two or a few for bdays and Christmas.

I am also a free promotional offer on Amazon freak! My list of books on my amazon account is insane!

Some of the books I review will be provided to me for the purposes of a review by the author or a publishing company. I do make all efforts to disclose this information on my review posts.

I do not accept or receive monetary compensation for my reviews.

6. Miscellaneous

Your ARCS are safe with me. E-copies will not be shared with other parties. I will always request permission from the author/publisher if we wish to host an ARC giveaway, to ensure that we comply with all regulations.

** All blog published material is under copyright. Please contact me prior to replicating any of the written material on this site. **

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